The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

April 1, 2013

Stock PhotoApril is National Grilled Cheese month! We’ve got tips and tricks for making perfect ooey, gooey goodness so everyone in the family can become a Master Grilled Cheese Chef.

Tip #1: Be Choosy About Cheese

Not all cheese is created equal. Some cheese is best for grating, some is perfect for slicing and others have the ideal melt. But let’s face it, classic, sliced American cheese is the hand’s down favorite of kids and adults alike. It has a mild flavor and melts perfectly. And did you know? American cheese was originally only white, but now is widely available in yellow too.

Tip #2: Restraint is Key

It is tempting to layer too much cheese on the sandwich because the gooeyness is so irresistible, but try to restrain yourself. Add too much cheese and the bread will burn before the center of the cheese is nicely melted.

Apply the same approach to butter. The novice grilled cheese chef tends to spread too much butter on the grilling sides of bread, leaving it greasy and slick. Think “subtle butter” and you’ll be so much happier with your crisp (not soggy!) grilled sandwich bread.

Tip #3: Don’t Fire Up the Grill

Though called “grilled” cheese, almost no one really fires up their grills to make this perennial favorite. But keep a burning image in mind as a reminder to avoid too much flame.  Grilled cheese sandwiches are best when made on a flat grill pan with medium heat, and dose of patience.  Allow for slow browning so the cheese has time to melt.  You can encourage it along by pressing down with something heavy (or just your typical spatula!).

Tip #4: Cheese + ?

You know the old adage: anything is better with cheese melted on it. So have fun experimenting with your favorite cheese pairings. Will it be caramelized onions? Roasted red peppers? Sliced fresh tomatoes? Smoked turkey?  Savory ham?  The options are endless. May we recommend this mouthwatering idea? Grilled Wisconsin Havarti Sandwich With Spiced Apples. It is a palate pleaser.

Choose your grilled cheese star out of all our delicious cheeses from Crystal Farms Cheese.


1 Littletoyman April 2, 2013

The best combo is a grilled with crisp bacon and extra-sharp cheddar cheese sandwich.
After it is grilled, open and spread with a thin coating of yellow or brown mustard.
Also a novel way to grill is to use a waffle iron.

2 Dave Wickersham April 2, 2013

The best grilled cheese sandwich is.
1 toasted crystal farms english muffin, then you put a slice of jalapeno & habanero jack in the middle and micro wave for 9 seconds. This is hot and delicious.

3 lesa oakes April 2, 2013

where can i get coupons????

4 April 10, 2013

Hi Lesa,

The only online coupon offer we have running currently is the chance to WIN a year of Crystal Farms cheese for FREE!

You can sign-up to enter each and every month of the year!

Good Luck and May the Cheese Be With You!
Crystal Farms

5 April 10, 2013

Dave…we’re drooling over here with this quick and easy recipe you offered up. THANK YOU! Super yum.

For all you spicy cheese lovers…here’s our delicious line of Pepper Jack Cheese!

Thanks again,
Crystal Farms

6 April 10, 2013

Ooo, a waffle iron…now there’s a clever idea. We can’t argue with Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese with crisp bacon and mustard.

Are you a grilled cheese chef?? =)

Thanks for the tips!

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